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Welcome to The Wellside Trust

Registered charity number: 1139904

Our family has been involved in charitable giving and philanthropy since my father, Sam, and his wife, Golda, imbued in his five sons the need to give back to society. “You get out of life two-fold what you give” he used to regularly say.

So, building on this legacy, and the benefit of a successful business life, I am now able to become an active contributor to charities that meet our particular criteria (see below).

This has been facilitated by our alliance with C. Hoare & Co., a private bank with a long history of philanthropy since its inception in 1672. The Wellside Trust is a sub-fund under the Master Charitable Trust (MCT) at Hoare, which comprises over 50 giving funds where donations of £30 million have been made to date.

Our contribution tends to be both strategic and financial and our primary focus is to support:

  • Victims of trauma, abuse and loss 
  • The campaign against racism and anti-Semitism
  • Those suffering from chronic illness

We only support registered UK charities and if you wish to apply for a donation please send a short letter to me by filling out the contact form setting out your specific needs as well as some background and a link to your website if you have one.

With warm wishes


Andrew B Morris

The Wellside Trust

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