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Our Trustees

C. Hoare & Co. is a private bank with a long history of philanthropy. The Hoare family has placed huge importance on philanthropy since the bank’s inception in 1672. By doing so, the family and the wider bank have been able to help start Westminster hospital, support injured veterans of the Battle of Waterloo, and found an impact investment fund.


In 2011, the bank launched a donor advised fund, the Master Charitable Trust (MCT). Its purpose is to allow customers to give without the administration, cost and time involved in setting up a trust or a foundation. Customers can set up a sub-fund under the MCT umbrella with just three forms, and start to give immediately. There are over 50 giving funds, the largest of which stands at over £10 million. In total, the bank has overseen donations of £30 million since the MCT was established; a sum the bank hopes will continue to rise. Their registered charity number is: 1139904.

Andrew Morris & Sophie Morris

Andrew Morris and Sophie Morris administer The Wellside Trust and donations are based on their assessment and recommendations.

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